Do you know how much money your business is wasting monthly or annually on lighting?

Lighting is one of the most antiquated devices wasting power, and money, in your business.

Lights are expensive!!! They do not have to be…thanks to modern LED lighting technologies.

Frequently, operational budgets focus on energy related lighting expenses while overlooking multiple other costs related to lighting that might be costing your business even more dollars.

For example, lighting can be expensive when it comes to employee issues, customer shopping experiences, and even liability issues related to safety and code violations.

Are your office employees as productive as possible?

Are your employees as healthy possible?

Are sales as good as they could be?

Do customers and employees enter your store with a positive attitude and depart without buying or determined to return?

Do people avoid your place of business after sunset because they are concerned about their safety?

Lighting is more than just the electric bill.

Lighting is a direct reflection of your brand and your core values.

If people feel your place of business is vibrant, clean, and positive, you will observe this in your employee productivity and sales per customer.


Why Do Our Clients Need Us?

Since our inception in 2013, businesses have come to Cenergetix LLC for various reasons:


  • We were spending too much money on our electric bill and determined that lighting was nearly 40% of our total bill each month.
  • It was getting expensive to maintain the old florescent lighting between the hazardous waste removal, maintenance staff, and the inefficiency of the bulbs.
  • Our office employees were complaining that the lighting was terrible and we recognized that productivity and morale was not good.
  • The poor lighting was causing injuries in the warehouse and our workers comp insurance was steadily rising as a result.
  • Poor lighting made our retail store look dirty and unappealing and as a result sales were down.
  • Our featured products were not selling until we placed the right lighting on them that made them visually appealing and stand out.
  • Our parking lot was not well lit and our insurance liability went up as a result of criminal activity on our property.


If one or more of these problems exist for your business, we encourage you to click below and contact us to learn how proper lighting can be the differentiator your business needs.

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