Planning and development for energy Efficiency

Adopting a comprehensive plan to attain sustainable, energy efficient facilities is necessary to achieve results. Cenergetix, together with out clients' facility directors and engineering team, provides the resources necessary to achieve and measure success. Our platform provides a holistic approach to energy efficiency and conservation that guarantees results. Included below is an outline of our approach to establishing and achieving energy efficiency:

securing Rebates

Cenergetix has secured over $10 million in rebate funding on behalf of our clients in the Northeast. Our leadership team engages with multiple utilities throughout the region at the policy level, helping to promote and refine rebate initiatives. We invest our team's effort to ensure we have a fundamental and complete understanding of all rebate policies and initiatives as well as program aspirations. Cenergetix ensures that our solutions maximize rebate incentives available for every project. Frequently utility companies consult our leadership team prior to adopting any policy changes to ensure market interest and participation. Completely understanding the rebate incentive programs is a complicated endeavor. Our continual interaction with the utility providers ensures project compliance and maximizes our customer's participation. 

Energy Benchmarking

According to the US Department of Energy, benchmarking is the process of accounting for and comparing a building's current energy performance with its energy baseline. Benchmarking improves stakeholder's understanding of building energy performance, allowing individuals and organizations to better analyze trends and make better-informed decisions to accelerate efficiency.

Cenergetix provides a real-time, turnkey energy benchmarking software solution for electric, water, and gas that completely automates the required monthly filing process for the EPA's Portfolio Manager software. Our solution is fully compliant with current regulatory mandates and can help you avoid the costly fines associated with non-compliance. With Cenergetix' solution, what would have become a financial burden now becomes a profit center adding significant value to your portfolio. Benchmarking saves clients a minimum of 8-20% on utility costs per year.

Phase II

  • Design, develop, and prepare efficiency plan for customer
  • Secure project financing
  • Project manage implementation of ALL efficiency solutions
  • Provide and review detailed results of solutions
  • Continue to monitor and report additional findings and opportunities

Phase I

  • Audit utility Bills - Costs / consumption (Electric, water, and gas)
  • Conduct a facility walk through and energy audit
  • Perform detailed rebate analysis and identify available incentives
  • Introduce Cenergetix benchmarking platform (Electric, water, and gas)
  • Assess energy usage pattern from initial energy assessment
  • Provide training to staff and tenants regarding behavior modification program audit and identify efficiency opportunities i.e. LED lighting retrofits, building monitoring and automation, defining operational parameters, water and gas conservation measures
  • Provide ROI analysis, provide owner's efficiency objectives