Superior Benchmarking

Benchmarking Methodology

Using non-intrusive, web-enabled meters that can be installed quickly at relatively low cost, our benchmarking solutions can monitor your consumption of energy, water, and gas in real-time and create a savings minimum between 8-20%. Our software allows you to simplify and analyze your energy data on one centralized platform using automated tools to alert you of abnormalities when they occur. With the Cenergetix benchmarking solution problems related to consumption that could otherwise go unnoticed for long periods of time are alerted to you immediately. By setting up specific parameters within the software to alert you of any spikes or drops in consumption, benchmarking can effectively save you considerable costs in usage and damage to capital equipment.

  • Operating Schedule Analysis: Matching power consumption to operations and using real-time data to optimize building start/stop times and correct equipment scheduling issues. Create custom building calendars and spot abnormal energy usage during building start-up times, weekends, holidays, and non-working hours.
  • Energy TOU (Time of Use) Schedule Analysis: Save during peak demand times and match building power consumption to local time-of-use pricing and avoid peak demand hours during the day. This will prepare you to reduce your usage during those hours to save money.
  • Real-Time Text and Email Alerts: Immediate notification of consumption spikes outside of your normal operational usage.
  • Trend Analysis: Visualize your progress by comparing daily, weekly, and monthly building energy usage to previous baselines and track the progress toward greater energy and operational efficiency.
  • Weather Integration: Eliminate manual weather data entry, eliminating queries of manual downloading of weather information into spreadhsheets. Automatically receive and display accurate outdoor weather information for the location of your building.
  • Energy Sources: Monitor all sources of energy for your building, including electric, water, and gas consumption. Collect both metering and sub-metering data from any site.
  • Asset inventory: Visualize your consumption online using virtual mapping of all your meters, sub-meters, and breaker panels.
  • Breakdown by Equipment: Visualize equipment level consumption. Break down real-time building energy usage into seperate usages and monitor down to the circuit level. Isolate and identify problems without on-site building visits.