Warehouse Lighting: Avoid Unnecessary and Costly Fines with LED Lighting

Across the country, safety violations and fines cost warehouse Owners & Operators thousands of dollars or more and some of it is due to insufficient lighting and safety standards.

The truth is that much of the fines could have been avoided and cost much less, had companies been proactive in addressing these problems before OSHA and other state regulatory agencies discovered the problems and enforced the fines.

For example, one warehouse contractor in California was levied $34,400 in fines by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) when the Warehouse Workers United union complained about poor working conditions.

‘‘Everywhere we look, we find warehouses rife with frightening and unsafe conditions that put employees in peril,’’ Guadalupe Palma, director of Warehouse Workers United, said in the press release.

One of the chief complaints was insufficient lighting in addition to blocked aisles and unsafe machinery.

In another case in Jersey City, New Jersey, $64,400 in penalties was assessed by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Among the violations was a failure to “provide auxiliary directional lighting on powered industrial trucks for areas where the general lighting was less than two lumens per square foot.”

There are stories every day of warehouse workers who are unable to work safely or efficiently due to the lack of proper lighting.

Not only are businesses paying the high cost of worker inefficiency, health-related worker expenses, legal issues and regulatory fines; they are paying much more than necessary to their utility companies due to antiquated lighting technology. These expenses can all be eliminated and productivity will be improved by implementing updated, high efficiency LED lighting solutions.

An LED lighting Retrofit is you most cost effective, simplest solution:

Modern LED lights have many benefits, including the not paying out large sums of money in the forms of fines thanks to safety violations.

Warehouses can quickly become a hazardous environment, especially when lighting is poor due to deteriorating lumen output and burnt out bulbs.

The longevity of an LED fixture is a major advantage in safety indicators and hard-to-reach areas in a factory or warehouse. LEDs not only prevent accidents, but also reduce expenses related to inventory, bulb replacement, maintenance, and HVAC operations.

Because LEDs use much less energy than standard bulbs, industrial users can reduce electrical costs up to 80 percent by upgrading their lighting systems. Return on initial investment can be achieved in as little as six months.


Additional benefits, not related to facility operations, save Owners and Operators even more:

  • Reduced workplace accidents
  • Reduced errors thanks to higher visibility
  • Employees are in a better mood because LEDs duplicate natural lighting.
  • Higher employee morale and increased efficiency
  • Lack of incentives for fines from regulatory agencies

If warehouse lighting is an issue for your business, contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help your business increase productivity, efficiency and higher profits.