US Fish and Wildlife Service Center LED Retrofit

Cenergetix retrofitted 574 fluorescent fixtures with LED Living Technology’s LED retrofit kits throughout the The US Fish and Wildlife Center in Laurel, Maryland .

The US Fish and Wildlife Service will save 70,400 kWh of energy and reduce their operating expenses by $6,300 annually and their maintenance expenses by $6,700.

Total project cost was $107,900 and Cenergetix was able to obtain $99,000 of rebates from the utility to offset the cost to the service.


Project Details:

The US Fish and Wildlife center in Laurel, Maryland is part of the Patuxent Research Refuge, which was established in 1936 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The refuge now covers 12,841 acres between Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.  Much of the refuge is open to the public to explore and learn about local flora and fauna.  In addition, there are research facilities for US Fish and Wildlife and the US Geological Survey; this project covered the labs and storage buildings for the former.


US-Fish-&-Wildlife-ServicesThe US Fish and Wildlife Service, as a federal entity, is required to meet strict guidelines for the equipment used in their facilities.  US Fish and Wildlife selected the Cenergetix / LED Living Technology retrofit solution due to its ease of use, flexibility of installation, efficiency, and the industry leading 10-year warranty.

Simply, the Cenergetix LLC solution outperformed all other products submitted in response to the RFP.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service realized that the LED Living Technology and Cenergetix provide the most efficient long lasting solutions available, featuring up to75% power consumption reduction when compared with fluorescent tubes and performing at an extremely efficient 130 Lumens/Watt.

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