Parking Lot Inadequate Lighting May Be Costing You Business

The days are getting shorter and this weekend we change the clocks back one hour. That means more comes out of your operations budget for parking lot lighting; as well as opportunity for injuries, vandalism or theft on your parking lot after sundown.

If you own or operate a business in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia, it’s important you install parking lot lighting to protect your building, your valuable assets, your employees, and your customers.

Shopping malls, schools, and businesses are frequently open during evening hours and sometimes late into the night.

In our area, the sun can go down as early as 5:30 pm during the shortest days of the year and poorly lit and unattended parking lots can be an opportunity to exercise the use of your insurance.

If your lighting is inadequate you could be vulnerable to regulatory and legal issues, not to mention a drop in foot traffic and business.


Safe Lighting Guidelines to Consider


There are a few guidelines you should consider when it comes to parking lot lighting.


  • You should be able to see and identify someone at 100 feet.
  • Lighting should be clear and bright enough that you can see curbs, stairs or other hazards.
  • There should be enough light that you can safely between cars when walking through parking lots.
  • When driving in parking lots, drivers should be able to see pot holes and other roadway obtrusions, including other vehicles.


In addition to personal safety issues for your customers and employees, parking lot lighting serves as a deterrent against criminal activities against your business and your customers.

According to, “…parking lots now are the leading location where crimes committed on a property lead to a lawsuit.”


In a recent case, a woman was assaulted in the parking lot of a local business.


“The area had a low crime rate and no assault had occurred in the business’ property in over 12 years. However, a court ruled that the woman should be compensated because the assault was predictable.

The area had poor lighting, there are always people wandering in the parking lot, there were no security guards to patrol the place, and the company could have taken more safety measures to prevent assaults.”


The Solution is Better Lighting


Better lighting is the solution to helping lower your legal exposure while also providing more safety to your employees and customers.

It’s also a great way to tell your customers that they are welcome at your place of business when it’s dark outside.

LED lighting for your parking lot isn’t just great for business; it’s also a great savings on your operations budget.

Some studies suggest that for every 1,000 kWh that you don’t use, you save $100 on your utility bill, assuming average electricity costs of 10cents per kWh.

You could save some significant money and you may qualify for financial assistance or rebates.

Please check out the Resources page to use energy calculators or read up on some whitepapers.

If you are considering and LED upgrade and want significant changes now, visit our Contact page and request a free consultation. We’ll help you sort out the details and your needs, as well as help you determine any incentives or rebates available to your business.